Mother's Day and International Women's Day

Celebrating the women that made a difference in my life..

Everyone has a mum or a "surrogate" mother, that has played a part in their lives. Growing up I had my mum who stayed at home until I was 8 and my sister nearly 5. I was super lucky to have her around, making cakes, painting and trips to the allotment. I know that she did far more but these are the special things I remember.

I also had my Gran who would have me at a drop of a hat at her house, it was always an adventure, she had a massive garden, a greenhouse with a water-butt from which I used fill the watering-can to help her water her garden, not to forget the mud-pies and the den's too.

From high school age, my by best friend's mum became part of my life whom I call mum No.2 as I spent a lot of time around my friends house after school where we would do silly things that just made us laugh.

Now I'm married I have my mother-in-law but as I have known her since I was 16 years old (yes I know, I met my hubby young!) she doesn't feel like the stereotypical "mother-in-law" she is just as kind and lovely as if she was my own mum.


UK Mother's day orders are being taken up 10PM Wednesday 8th March 2018.



Roses for me?

Roses for me?

Not about 20% to treat yourself?

Happy Valentines Day!

Ok, so I would love it if my husband was really romantic sometimes, but its just not him, as I drove past the flower stall near my house, the cars were pulling up and the florists couldn't keep up with the guys wanting to buy flowers...amazing, but this isn't his style. We love going out for dinner but Valentines is not the night for a special dinner as everyone is doing this and we just end up getting a mediocre dinner and come home disappointed.

Dark Pink Necklace

Mini glass sphere filled with British grown Delphinium and Larkspur petals.

So what do we do???

We enjoy cosy evenings watching our favourite movies with a bottle of wine, we cook for each other, something special that takes a little longer than normal and on nice evenings we crank up the wood burning stove and sit outside and watch the stars and the planes and talk about life! (But all the time not just Valentines Day)

My husband knows if I want something nice I will buy it for myself. He also knows that I love something handmade and whilst I'm at an event, I will have eyed up several designers that I would love to buy something from!

Dandelion Necklace

Three mini wishes encapsulated in a mini glass globe.


So I have decided to give you 20% off on-line orders, so if you are like me or didn't get something you really love or you would just like to treat yourself.

Here is 20% off with the code "ROSES" which is available to use until Sunday 18th February 2018 11:55 GMT


This March I will be joining in the March Meet the Maker Instagram challenge. Here you will find fun images that I will be photographing each day to show a little bit of myself and my business each day.

If you are on instagram you can follow me @LizzysStudio If you are not on instagram you can download the free app for your phone or tablet, or even take a look on your regular desktop computer!

Take a look at what I will share with you over the next month.

This challenge was created by the designer and illustrator Joanne Hawker. You will be able to find lots of other "makers" with #marchmeetthemakers on Instagram.

Cannot wait to see you all there!

Christmas Events

I have been in full swing here at Lizzy's Studio over the past few weeks. Christmas decorations have been flying out and amazing orders and requests for flower necklaces. I'm bowled over with the love and very grateful for all the amazing orders and wonderful comments that have been coming in. So a big thank you to everyone that has ordered and those that have sent a special message to me!


I'm really excited as this month I am at some amazing events!

Crafty Fox market

I will be with the Crafty Fox Market on both the 5th and 8th December with their amazing choice of designers, DJ, food and drink. There is even a BBQ and Santa for adults on the 8th of December! For more information check out their site

Homeworks Christmas event

I will be with Homeworks on Sunday 13th December and I'm really looking forward to this one as it is just around the corner from me. Its great to meet customers that are local to me!

And finally I was going to be at Spitalfields but Designer Makers has found a lovely new home for us with The London Artisan at Brick Lane.

Designer Makers the London Artisan

Although the post says every Sunday there are two Saturday dates and I will be there on SATURDAY 19th DECEMBER 11am - 6pm

I cannot wait to see you there! Come and say hello and pick up something unique!



Behind the scenes at The Handmade Fair

When you go to events you never think about what happens behind the scenes, how did they create the stand, how did that piece of furniture get in here, who put the shelves up. It is all about the magic of the perfect presentation on the day of when you go to visit the event. Here is a sneak peak at what actually goes on behind the scenes of setting up for an event on top of creating stock and beautiful handmade products!

Stand in the making

So behind me I have a wonderful husband that is just a little handy with power tools and he has created this tall table display that slots together and fits flat pack into the car! Flat pack and easy assembly is very important part of going to and from events! (You can see the completed version further down in the stand photos.) Next you need a car to play tetras with all of your display and stock until everything fits.

Empty stand at the Handmade Fair

Then you turn up at the site and wait your turn to taking in all of your items and find that your stand in reality has got smaller than the version you have in your head! Sharing with three designers at this point seems a little crazy, but we measured before we started, so it will fit.

Building the stand up on Thursday

Then you take another willing husband, (this one belongs to Samantha Morris) and be super nice, so that he will help put up shelves and frames, whilst we become undeceive and worry about how to fit everything in.


Then we spend the next couple of hours putting our beautiful handmade items on display and take a step back and admire the wonderful work. Claiming that this was the plan all along and it was always going to fit! Phew.


We then leave the stand almost ready with a few tweeks and little bits to sort out first thing in the morning!


First thing in the morning, extra stock is covered, price labels out, flowers on display, moss watered and we are ready to go.


Behind the scenes on the rest of the site, you can see other people getting ready and workshops being prepared for the ticket holders. Everything is ready for a wonderful event.


At the end of day two we had stall holder drinks with the Handmade team, where we thank each other and wish each other a good finial day. The good thing about taking part in the Handmade Fair is that everyone understands how much hard work goes into an event like this from all sides and everyone works together to create a wonderful event. I hope that the ticket holders have had as much fun as we did.

Then at the end of the finial day we reverse all of our hard work and pack it up into boxes, play tetras with the car for one last time and off to home we all go!

Top finds at MK Handmade and Vintage

Wow I had a great time at Milton Keynes with the MK Vintage and Handmade Fair. I will be back there again on the weekend of 31st October/ 1st November with some new creations.

lizzy chambers stall at MK Handmade and Vintage

This time I found some great designers.

Fox Print by Jeremy Wills for INKONK

Jeremy Wills from INKONK with his amazing animal prints.


White stitch lane

White Stitch Lane with her free-hand machine embroidery.


Boobou Designs waist coat

And saving the best until last Boobou Designs with her soft jewellery and this super two way waist coat that people couldn't get enough off!

Where will you be this weekend?

I will be at Milton Keynes at the Handmade and Vintage Fair with over 100 stalls to investigate. Earlier this year we had a stall at this wonderful fair and I will be back with ByCandlelight27 in front of John Lewis. We cannot wait to be there and we are very busy making lots of super new things!

All blue flowers

There will be lots of one off pieces for you to come and explore. Come and say hello I love to meet new and regular faces!

Check out our latest collection here.

Grand Opening of the Website

Over the summer holidays I have been working hard at getting products ready, photo shoots arranged, sitting with Yeshen to get a good kick start on building a new website and today it is finally ready!


Please go and have a look at all the hard work everyone has put in. With a big thank you to Yeshen Venama for helping with the website and some of my earlier photos, Lexi West my wonderful sister for her photography and help with yet another "stupid question" for photo shop, and Abi Bansal for the wedding photos.

Let me know what you think? What you would like to see more of and don't forget to sign up to the hare-mail to keep up to date with what is going on!

Butterfly World Project!

Its great being my own boss it means I can choose what to do and not have to ask anyone to have 6 weeks off in the summer holidays with the kids! Today we met with some clients before popping off for a day at Butterfly World Project in St Albans.

I got chance to spend time with the kids and also a little bit of research for a new project that I am working on. So it was a good day all round!

 Armed with a list of things that they needed to find it was a great day.

Armed with a list of things that they needed to find it was a great day.

Photo shoot

I have been planning a photo shoot for a while. My wonderful sister came down for the weekend. We took over the house, the garden and turned everything upside down, to try and get some interesting new shots for the new website. We hope to have the new website ready by mid August!

Lexi West photos

Man Made and Hand Made

Crafty Fox Market, Etsy and Sam Wingate took it on themselves to create a market that was just male makers! Sexist I hear you say? In the handmade market the men are a minority and it was a great opportunity to check out what they had to offer!

  Soft signs  with his custom lights.

Soft signs with his custom lights.

 In the background the prints are by  SilkScreenTypeMaps and  in the foreground the table full of London prints is  Postcode Prints.

In the background the prints are by SilkScreenTypeMaps and in the foreground the table full of London prints is Postcode Prints.

 These amazing birds are made from Wood and paper by  Zack Mclaughlin

These amazing birds are made from Wood and paper by Zack Mclaughlin

 Wonderful up-cycling by  Bespoke Spokes

Wonderful up-cycling by Bespoke Spokes

And I couldn't come away with out a little something for the "house!"

This will look super cute on my lovely oak window sill in the kitchen!

Mmmm Posh Chocolate

Whilst at events it is super hard not to get tempted by all the wonderful handmade things. But when it comes to Chocolate there is no question about temptation!


The most amazing thing about these truffles for me was they were dairy free and the ganache is made with water - mind blowing! The chocolatier behind this wonderful chocolate is Aneesh Popat whom is self taught! These Chocolates were to die for and their hot chocolate was very good too! If you would like to know more about this amazing choclatier click here!