Custom Pieces

Custom Lizzy Chambers Britsh Flower Jewellery

I can create personal keepsakes with small personal items or create individual globes with your favourite flowers in (as long as they are small). Have the children collected tiny seeds or shells that are personal to you? Or is there something you want to give to grandma? Or is there a special someone you want to give something with meaning too?

If you are interested in making a personal keepsake, for example small wedding flowers, a lock of hair, a vintage piece of material or something else that is important to you. I would love to help keep that memory for you and create something special. The glass globes have an entry of either 6mm or 12mm so have a little measure to see if it will fit. Please contact me and let me know what you would like and we can have a chat.


Prices for the necklaces start from £35 for items that you have provided.
To dry your flowers for you and put them in a necklace these will start from £45
I can also supply sterling silver chains with additional cost from £12 depending on chain length.
Or different flowers these will be costed individually depending on market price.

Lizzy Chambers Custom pieces