Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you take custom orders? - Yes, please take a look at the Bespoke to find out more or feel free to contact me.

Are the globes made out of glass or plastic?  - The globes or balls are made from hand blown glass and are very strong.

Lizzy Chambers answers your questions

How strong is the glass in the necklaces? - The glass globes are very strong, as they are spheres they are structurally very strong. I wear mine on a regular bases and run around after two young boys. The can cope with being dropped onto work surfaces and bedside tables. However they don’t enjoy concrete floors and granite work tops, so please avoid taking them off in these surroundings.

Where are the flowers grown? - Many of the flowers are home grown by myself and I also work with collection of British farms and small growers to keep up with the demand.

Lizzy Chambers picking flowers

Will the petals break down or bi-degrade? - No the petals are preserved by drying them before they are sealed in the glass globes. When they are in the glass globes they are then protected from the elements and pollution.

Can I wash my hands whilst wearing your ring? - I have sealed the rings all of the way around but water will find the tiniest hole I would recommend removing your ring to ensure that it is kept its best.

Can I wear my jewellery in the bath/shower? - The glass jewellery is classed as mixed media and because of the method used to join the glass and the tops / earrings together it is recommended that you remove your jewellery before showing, swimming etc.

Will the petals fade in the jewellery? - They have been dried in such a way that preserves the colour. I choose flowers that have high pigments so when they dry they keep their colour for a long time. When you are not wearing your necklace I would recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight and in their box just to keep the necklace at its best.

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