Lizzy's Core Values - Family


My business was started when my family were young with the view to working around the kids, I did feel at the beginning they stopped me from doing what I wanted but realised last year how much the have shaped me and my business. My boys were the ones that helped grow the flowers from seeds when they were little toddlers and would bring in also sorts of picked items from the garden “mummy these are for you”. I loved the idea of being able to keep something special and this is where the glass jewellery grew from, this small little action.

John and George

They are a lot older now and they make me laugh so much with their funny ideas and stories. For me (as a stay at home /work from home parent) it was always about giving them stability, home cooked meals, someone to talk to and share things with. Family time in our house is about playing games, going for a walk and getting away from screens where possible as they are big fans of computer games.

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