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Your Stories

I love to hear from you and what your flowers and keepsakes mean to you. Its important to me that I understand your connection to the piece that I make for you. So many of you share your special stories and I feel touched to be apart of that.

Lizzy Chambers Bespoke Hampshire petals .JPG

These were special flowers from Hampshire to mark a friendship that had been going since University and were a present for their friends birthday.

I have had 13 year old roses that have been kept from a first date sent to me to carefully put inside a globe from a gentleman to his girlfriend. I was very touched to be able to do this for him. They turned up in a small tin and I used just a couple for his special gift.

Lizzy Chambers Custom Wedding collection

Another of my clients had sent me a collection of wedding pieces from her own, her sisters and their mothers, including silk flowers, pearls and beads from their dresses and wedding cake. These were made up as special gifts for the three of them.

Most recently I have been drying lots of wedding flowers for clients and I love this as I get such a beautiful array of different flowers coming to me.

Lizzy Chambers wedding flowers.jpg