Forget Me Not Necklace

Forget Me Not Necklace

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Forget Me Not Sterling Silver Necklace

These pale blue forget me not flowers are grown here in Lizzy’s garden in London. These are very petit glass spheres which are perfect for those that want to wear just a little something with these meaningful flowers.

Myosotis is the proper name for the flower but the forget me not name gives us our own memories and meanings, for Lizzy, they remind her of her grandmother.

The glass sphere is the same size as the crystal necklace (see model for size reference in last photo) they are about 8mm in diameter and are all handblown, so each sphere will be different and are filled with 2 flowers back to back and finished with sterling silver top and trace chain.

The flowers are free to move inside the glass but are arranged so that they should sit nicely inside the glass, should yours tumble around you can enjoy the different ways that it looks each time you wear it.

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