Your Wedding

Your Weddings Flowers, Bridesmaid Presents and Wedding Day Jewellery.

Drying and keeping your flowers

Your Wedding Day Flowers

Your wedding day flowers can be dried and turned into a beautiful keepsake for you. You will need to consider the size of the flowers as the glass sphere are 25mm in diameter and have a 12mm or 6mm gap (depending on the fitting), only the smaller flowers or pieces of the larger flowers will fit.

Wedding day jewellery

If you are looking for matching pieces for the wedding day to match your bridesmaids dresses or colour scheme, I can send samples of the petals we have so that you can choose the best colour for your big day. Or if you have something in mind for yourself for your big day then please get in touch.

Bridesmaid presents

If you are looking to give thank you presents to your bridesmaids then you can have them made to order with their favourite colours or petals in mind. Just let me know what you are considering and please feel free to contact me and have a chat.