Behind the scenes at The Handmade Fair

When you go to events you never think about what happens behind the scenes, how did they create the stand, how did that piece of furniture get in here, who put the shelves up. It is all about the magic of the perfect presentation on the day of when you go to visit the event. Here is a sneak peak at what actually goes on behind the scenes of setting up for an event on top of creating stock and beautiful handmade products!

Stand in the making

So behind me I have a wonderful husband that is just a little handy with power tools and he has created this tall table display that slots together and fits flat pack into the car! Flat pack and easy assembly is very important part of going to and from events! (You can see the completed version further down in the stand photos.) Next you need a car to play tetras with all of your display and stock until everything fits.

Empty stand at the Handmade Fair

Then you turn up at the site and wait your turn to taking in all of your items and find that your stand in reality has got smaller than the version you have in your head! Sharing with three designers at this point seems a little crazy, but we measured before we started, so it will fit.

Building the stand up on Thursday

Then you take another willing husband, (this one belongs to Samantha Morris) and be super nice, so that he will help put up shelves and frames, whilst we become undeceive and worry about how to fit everything in.


Then we spend the next couple of hours putting our beautiful handmade items on display and take a step back and admire the wonderful work. Claiming that this was the plan all along and it was always going to fit! Phew.


We then leave the stand almost ready with a few tweeks and little bits to sort out first thing in the morning!


First thing in the morning, extra stock is covered, price labels out, flowers on display, moss watered and we are ready to go.


Behind the scenes on the rest of the site, you can see other people getting ready and workshops being prepared for the ticket holders. Everything is ready for a wonderful event.


At the end of day two we had stall holder drinks with the Handmade team, where we thank each other and wish each other a good finial day. The good thing about taking part in the Handmade Fair is that everyone understands how much hard work goes into an event like this from all sides and everyone works together to create a wonderful event. I hope that the ticket holders have had as much fun as we did.

Then at the end of the finial day we reverse all of our hard work and pack it up into boxes, play tetras with the car for one last time and off to home we all go!