Mother's Day and International Women's Day

Celebrating the women that made a difference in my life..

Everyone has a mum or a "surrogate" mother, that has played a part in their lives. Growing up I had my mum who stayed at home until I was 8 and my sister nearly 5. I was super lucky to have her around, making cakes, painting and trips to the allotment. I know that she did far more but these are the special things I remember.

I also had my Gran who would have me at a drop of a hat at her house, it was always an adventure, she had a massive garden, a greenhouse with a water-butt from which I used fill the watering-can to help her water her garden, not to forget the mud-pies and the den's too.

From high school age, my by best friend's mum became part of my life whom I call mum No.2 as I spent a lot of time around my friends house after school where we would do silly things that just made us laugh.

Now I'm married I have my mother-in-law but as I have known her since I was 16 years old (yes I know, I met my hubby young!) she doesn't feel like the stereotypical "mother-in-law" she is just as kind and lovely as if she was my own mum.


UK Mother's day orders are being taken up 10PM Wednesday 8th March 2018.